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    This site is about the book "The First Trip" by Paris Tompkins, published by Silicon Publishing in August of 2009. This site includes sample pages, information on how to purchase the The First Trip and the Bubba Oodle doll, and news helping those of us in the Land Beyond discover the Oodles and their world.

    In this delightful adventure, Bubba Oodle makes his first trip from the imaginary world of Oodleville to the Land Beyond (which is our world) to introduce himself and the Oodles. Illustrated in full color, this story is suitable for children ages three to ten.

    Paris Tompkins is a 66 year-old great-grandmother who enjoyed writing stories and making her own dolls as a child. From her childhood hobbies, she became a seamstress and worked in administrative positions. At the age of 60 she returned to school to follow her dream of attaining a degree in psychology. From those pursuits, Paris has become an author and the designer of her characters into rag dolls. She is also developing the Restore Childhood Project and hopes, along with her books and dolls, to encourage parents, caregivers, teachers and all others who touch the lives of children to allow children the chance to be children-to enjoy discovering their own gifts and talents. Paris lives in Sacramento, California. U.S.A.

    © 2009 Paris Tompkins